SEO, you know…but do you really master all aspects of it?

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If you are visiting our website and looking for an SEO agency, you may already be convinced of the importance of SEO in your success. However, the strategy of visibility on the Internet is complex to master. Different facets of this domain (SEO, PPC, Data, etc.) are all complementary and articulating them properly is essential for making a difference in ultra-competitive domains.


Pixalione SEO agency works and optimizes all websites, regardless of the CMS used.

If all the major CMSs on the market are compatible with an effective SEO strategy (one particular CMS will not improve your SEO), you still need to be familiar with the technical specifications of the chosen CMS, and know how to configure it correctly.

Pixalione’s SEO consultants help you choose the CMS, which best matches your projects and your internal knowledge. More importantly, they help you configure it.

The SEO agency also supports you in the choice of tools and extensions. Indeed, some modules are not compatible with each other or may not be used correctly.

This problem also applies to the choice of a template. While some templates are more SEO Friendly, the first thing to consider is to know how to use them correctly.

SEO, sea & smo, quelles differences

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SEO term is frequently used but how familiar are you with this term? For example, why do we need to oppose SEO to SEA, while the two can be complementary and brings significant synergies? What about your marketing strategy: Storytelling or Brand Content, Inbound or Snack Content, etc.? Indeed, so many alternatives are sometimes difficult to reconcile. SEO is also a much more complex area than it first appears. In the following, you will better understand the important role of a multi-approach SEO agency in supporting and assisting you in each of your digital and editorial projects.

At Pixalione, our goal is also to transfer knowledge and help your organization to better understand the SEO and its updates. However, more than that, we aim to support you to gain an integrated experience. In addition to achieving the desired results, which leads to a long-term optimization of your overall SEO strategy.

Pixalione, the SEO agency that supports youwith all your SEO issues

A unique consulting experience with the Pixalione SEO agency

We believe that no one knows your needs and constraints better than you do. So, instead of acting in your place, we are willing to work together to design the best possible strategy. From SEO optimization to redesigning your website, from SEO actions to taking charge of your paid media, etc.: each project is unique and it gets its own personalized study and analysis.

Whether you need to optimize your visibility or to manage to get out of the penalties imposed by the search engines, our consulting team is at your disposal to offer you the most adapted solutions to each of your needs.

With Pixalione, the human expertise of our consultants becomes more efficient thanks to a unique SaaS mode solution.

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